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 We're here to study and to get to know ourselves.   Pema Chodron


Coaching is a Relationship and a Process

At its core, the coaching process is about developing a relationship between the client and coach that:

  • is client-centered.
  • is based on building and maintaining mutual respect and trust.
  • embraces open and authentic two-way communication.
  • uses a variety of tools (e.g., assessments, exercises, self-reflection) to uncover client values, motivations, obstacles, and goals.
  • assumes the client is able and ready to fully engage in the coaching process to enact real and meaningful change.

Coaching offers clients a structured, yet flexible process for self-discovery, problem identification, action planning, and creation of a pathway for client change and success.  Learn more about the coaching process here.

Coaching with Josh - Session Format and Rates

I conduct 50-minute coaching sessions over Zoom, which includes a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation.  My rates typically average $100/session with discounts offered based on your individual circumstances and length of services (please inquire).

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